aughter is the best medicine, as they say. Invite Luke in to lighten up the mood for your next seminar or convention event!

Main Seminar Overview:

Designed as an uplifting break from the pressure and goals of a planned conference or meeting schedule, this hilarious program has it all! Includes technically incredible juggling skills, insightful comments about the Human Condition, upbeat music, and handouts to highlight the message. It's packed with audience participation and group laughter, motivation and encouragement!

Why this program is so successful:

Juggling ties together the Right (Creative) and Left (Analytical) sides of the brain -- simply by watching it! -- thereby effectively "waking up" your participants! Energy levels automatically rise, as does the ability to focus on the task at hand.

We then work with you prior to your meeting to cover the basic themes of the conference and any ideas that you may want expressed during the seminar. Suddenly, you have a speaker who has focused your audience and is delivering a positive message about your goals and objectives for the conference.

Not only that, but we talk to individuals about their own personal choices for their lives and how they have far more power and control of their lives than they previously thought.


This is an overview of our basic seminar presentation. Luke uses his juggling props as a visual tool to both delight and prove a point!
OPENING WITH the SPINNING BALL: This exercise explores the question of whether or not an individual has an "open" or "closed" attitude towards new challenges in their lives.
3, 4, and 5 BALLS: Starting from the moment we get out of bed, we're into the challenge of the day, sometimes like it or not! Luke uses humorous insights and creative juggling tricks to compare both positive and negative ways to approach the day. The ultimate message is that we don't have to "do it all alone," but ultimately, the INDIVIDUAL is responsible for doing the FOOTWORK that is necessary to make healthy changes in their lives.
HANDOUT: A new look on Prioritizing issues in your busy life: Drawing on the influential work of Stephen F. Covey and others in the field of possibility thinking, this handout speaks about focusing in on what issues are important in your day, life, job, and relationships, and how you can begin to work on improving these issues TODAY!
CLUBS: Feeling "different" still? Luke reminds us that even though we may feel a difference between ourselves and others in the room, we are still connected to others around us. Even if some people only provide "bad" examples for us to learn from!
HANDOUT: SIX SUGGESTIONS for improving your life: We've all got to start somewhere with our new growth, this hilarious handout highlights the optimal mind set you need to achieve goals in your life.
HOW TO JUGGLE: So why not take a gamble right now? Who would like to join Luke on stage to learn how to juggle? This exercise explores the challenges to learning a new idea and some tension-relieving exercises to make it easier for us to succeed. All presented with humorous insights into our own internal voices that get in the way of our progress.
MAGIC COLORING BOOK: Since we're all in this together, this exercise is designed to UNIFY participants and instill a deeper sense of teamwork and cooperation with everyone in the room.
CIGAR BOX JUGGLING: A classic juggling routine first popularized by W.C. Fields in the early 1900's, Cigar Box Juggling is the epitome of TEAMWORK and COOPERATION for our lives.
APPLE EATING FINALE: The most popular portion of our show! Luke proceeds to eat an apple while juggling. Messy, Hilarious, Incredible Fun. A powerful ending to this powerful seminar!

The only thing better than watching a juggler is actually attempting to juggle after the show! A fun addition to any of our seminars! Luke always brings a volunteer from the audience to learn the basics of juggling three objects in five minutes. This additional 30-minute segment allows him to teach everyone in the office, meeting, conference, seminar, or school to attempt the basics of juggling!

It's great for Team Building and Team Unity, as well as a fun experience that relaxes everyone in the room and make's laughter a priority.

We can provide logo juggling balls in a boxed set and can even put YOUR logo on the juggling balls as well!

Make sure to ask for details about this fun addition!


What does it take to create "Excited Customers!"?

Using concepts discussed in nationwide best sellers like Raving Fans, The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People, and other books of this genre, Luke presents a seminar that highlights the basics of exceptional internal and external customer service.

No two people learn in the same way; however, laughter is the universal medicine! Luke takes a look at the concept of Customer Service in this new millennium and reminds everyone that we have more power than we think when it comes to motivating ourselves to treat others better.

This program is perfect for group retreats, seminar participants, and any other application where the idea of improving Customer Service is more than just another wispy goal.

Happier people deliver better Customer Service, both internally and externally, on a more consistent basis!

This is one seminar you don't want to miss!! This can also be combined with our "How to Juggle" addition for a truly memorable seminar!

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