uke Kareklas was born in Sharon, Pennsylvania, but spent his entire youth in Columbus, Ohio. A self-taught juggler since the age of 15, Luke has literally been entertaining people for 28 years, but as, he jokes, that includes some "really bad" birthday clown capers!

From his days as a "street performer" in Los Angeles and Dallas, to a recent corporate presentation in front of San Jose, California, technology giant CISCO, Luke has progressed rapidly. No matter what the composition of your function, Motivation Through Movement® can offer an up-beat, entertaining session that's sure to please.

Currently, Luke describes himself as an "Inspirational Speaker." He combines the juggling skills he perfected as a youth with an off-beat sense of humor which stresses laughter and a positive outlook on life.

Luke's message is one of hope and possibility. He speaks to the every day issues that can bind us down and offers insights into ways to improve our standing in life. Technically superior juggling skills combined with lively background music and a thought-provoking approach, Luke is a must for your next function!

Be sure to visit the Photo Gallery to see Luke's amazing balloon creations, juggling, and his performances!

NEW! See examples of Simple, Advanced and Deluxe balloon sculptures!

The strength of the presentation is two-fold:

Part 1: Juggling wakes up the brain. It quite literally "wakes up" both the right, creative hemisphere and the left, analytical hemisphere, effectively allowing the viewer to think and concentrate more clearly. This has an immediate effect on a person's ability to focus on the task at hand. Handouts allow for retention of subject matter and audience participation helps everyone to feel "involved" in the learning.

Part 2: We drive home your message. Now that you have their attention, why not take advantage of our unique ability to custom tailor our message to include YOUR key points! Are you in the midst of planning ahead for your next training session, two day seminar, or quarterly company gathering? Why not supercharge your presentation by allowing Motivation Through Movement® to be your presenter of choice!

Clients include national names such as CISCO Services, Grange Insurance, Chase Manhattan Mortgage, Marriott Hotels, Longaberger Baskets, and Ashland Chemical. Join the many that have identified the power of our presentation and used it to their business advantage!

Luke lives in Columbus, Ohio, with his wife Melva and their seven-year-old, Brandon.

Luke has produced an instructional DVD called "Learn to Juggle," in which he teaches the basics and more advanced techniques in juggling and ball spinning. See details!

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