In his "Learn to Juggle" DVD, Luke Kareklas demonstrates the skills and techniques used in the art of juggling balls, clubs, rings and boxes and in ball spinning.

Luke begins slowly, allowing the student to view the critically proper positioning of the body, as well as the correct moves to ensure accurate timing.

Luke builds skills upon skills and accompanies his demonstrations with easy-to-understand instructions and humor.

While viewing the DVD, one feels as if Luke is right in the room, patiently walking the student through simple steps that when combined, allow the student to perform stuns from the simplest juggling acts to advanced juggling and ball-spinning tricks.

Luke also shares some of his secret tips for success in this artform and provides encouragement, motivation and enthusiasm during the instruction.

Are you interested in learning how to juggle for your own enjoyment or in able to put on your own performances? If so, email Luke for further information.

NEW! See examples of Simple, Advanced and Deluxe balloon scultures!

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