uke is a great addition to your school activities because he is able to capture and hold the attention of a variety of age groups all at the same time.

Luke is a master of moving through kids in a small group setting, such as a "playground fair" or street fair, where he can entertain kids in small groups. Juggling is extremely captivating at close range and Luke loves spreading the word that KIDS TOO can learn to juggle!

The heart and soul of our school / educational presentations is the message of possibility, self-esteem, and respect for others. The wonderful thing about juggling is that it is flexible enough to be applied to almost any type of school activity. Juggling is GREAT for eye-hand coordination, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Children are ready and willing to hear a message of affirmation, encouragement, motivation, and possibility in their lives.

See photos of Luke's performances!

NEW! See examples of Simple, Advanced and Deluxe balloon sculptures!

"I'm a Great Kid!"

"I'm a Great Kid!" is the byproduct of loving moments between a Father and his Son. Luke (Me! I am writing this!) has been telling his son Brandon, 7 years old, positive affirmations for the child's entire life. Brandon is a very loved and loving child. I will frequently ask Brandon,"Do you know you're a great kid?" The response is always a positive one from Brandon and I always request that Brandon verbalize it out lout as well. "Tell me you're a great kid." "I'm a Great Kid!" is always the reply!

This daily reminder to ourselves that we are "A Great Kid," -- or person, or mother or father, or employee, citizen, math student, Principal, Staff, and student is vital to our personal well-being. Positive, affirming habits are formed through repetition; just like bad habits are formed through lack of repetition.

This seminar can stand alone on its own merit or serve as a perfect compliment to any celebratory or "Theme Day/Week" presentation in your future. It is a good fit for fundraising activities, Virtues-based monthly programs, Don't Laugh at Me type presentations, and even Parent - Student - Staff get togethers.

Designed with KIDS in mind, this is PURE FUN for kids of all ages, even those "tough" middle school-aged teens! A great addition to your Church Youth Programs, Summer Camp Programs, Schools, Treatment Facilities, and any other entity looking for a different and unique approach to remind kids that they matter and not to give up 5 minutes before the miracle!

Call 614-764-8010 or email Luke for more information about this exciting program!!

"How to Juggle" Addition

The only thing better than watching a juggler is actually attempting to juggle after the show! A fun addition to any of our seminars! Luke always brings a volunteer from the audience to learn the basics of juggling three objects in five minutes. This additional 30-minute segment allows him to teach everyone in the office, meeting, conference, seminar, or school to attempt the basics of juggling!

It's great for Team Building and Team Unity, as well as a fun experience that relaxes everyone in the room and make's laughter a priority.

We can provide logo juggling balls in a boxed set and can even put YOUR logo on the juggling balls as well!

Make sure to ask for details about this fun addition! Luke the Juggler is great for any occasion!

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