Luke the Juggler throws a Very Fun Birthday Party!

Luke has YEARS of experience as a Birthday Party Entertainer and has worked HUNDREDS of parties. Luke is the life of the party from the moment he steps into the room.

Luke handles the crowd, keeps the energy level high, and brings smiles and belly laughs to all the party participants!

With Luke the Juggler in charge of your party, your greatest concern will be making sure you get a lot of pictures of your child “having the time of their life!”

But Wait!! What do you mean by "PRE-MADE BALLOON SCULPTURES"

Pre-made balloons are an assortment of "2-balloon" sculptures that Luke creates ahead of time, before coming to the party.

They are made up of popular sculptures for both boys and girls. Luke creates one sculpture per kid at the party, so when he arrives, kids can get a cool balloon within 5 minutes. This means you save an HOUR of time that it would normally take to make these balloons!

This is a big time-saver and very popular with the kids.

This is a "Balloons Only" party, no Juggling or Magic is included. Luke guarantees that all kids at the party will receive 2 sculptures and the B-Day kid a couple extra as well! This is a one-hour party. Little kids come first, but if time allows, Luke will make sculptures for any "kid" of any age, from 1 to 100! Extra time can be booked for less. See details!
Price is based on a Party "kid-count" of 18 or less. 35 - 45 minute Comedy Juggling & Magic Show where the Birthday Kid is the Star! All kids receive a "2-balloon" sculpture and B-Day kid receives a larger, Personalized Sculpture.
Price is based on a Party "kid-count" of 18 or less. 35 - 45 minute Comedy Juggling & Magic Show where the Birthday Kid is the Star! All kids receive a "2-balloon" sculpture and B-Day kid receives a larger, Personalized Sculpture.
The Best Birthday Party in Town - Juggling, Magic, Balloons -- especially at a reduced price!
OH! Don't forget the FIRE TORCHES!!

Here's all the nuts and bolts of the show if you want to read further!"

Luke's Standard Birthday Party Description:

The average Birthday Party lasts between 50 – 65 minutes (More or less an hour) and pricing is based on a maximum of 18 kids attending the party.
ADULTS will enjoy the show too! There is something in each show for EVERYONE to appreciate and laugh at!
Luke arrives at the party and is “ready to go” as soon as he walks in the door. He does not need elaborate staging areas, large open spaces, or “special” ceiling heights, etc. to perform.
Luke requires a small table or other type of support to set up a couple of magic tricks.

Luke arrives at the party and inflates a large, pink ball. He then proceeds to spin the ball on his finger, just like a basketball player does. Luke can take it one step further and pass the ball under his arm while it's spinning, and then behind his back; including switching fingers, all while it's spinning!

However, the neatest part of this is that Luke can place the spinning ball on the Birthday Kid's Finger too and it will spin for a few seconds! Spinning the ball on a kids’ finger allows Luke to use it as a very good "icebreaker" with the kids. In the photo on the left, Luke is Ball Spinning with NBC 4 Personality Bob Nunnally and on the right is Miss Ohio 2007 Ball Spinning as well But as you can see, it’s mostly for KIDS!!)

Luke then has the kids sit down and participate in a 35 – 45 minute “Stage Show” that keeps kids eyes glued to the action! They will wonder, “what is going to happen next?!” as Luke masterfully switches from Juggling Tricks and Props to Magic Tricks & Entertainment.

NOTE: Luke uses his YEARS of experience to pick and choose from his wide selection of Props and Tricks to personally make sure YOUR Child’s Party is TONS OF FUN!

The JUGGLING Props include 3, 4 & 5 Balls, Clubs, Rings, Boxes, Ribbon Ball, Tube Ball, Diabolo, Yo-Stick, Plate Spinning , & New Stuff Constantly being added.

The MAGIC Tricks are “Large-Group Oriented Tricks,” and are primarily “misdirection” tricks designed to fool kids into thinking they “just know” what is going to happen next, until it SWITCHES ON THEM! The MAGIC TRICKS include crowd favorites like “Peanut Butter and Jelly,” “Needle through a balloon,” “Chinese Die Box,” “Houdini Escape,” & more being added! Luke also uses an ample supply of SLAPSTICK MAGIC like “Fake Ketchup Bottle,” “Snakes in a Can,” “Frozen Rope,” & others.

Ultimately, the Birthday Kid will help Luke with one final trick – making a scarf disappear and reappear right before their eyes! Their Surprise Reward for this will be a SOUVENIR Luke the Juggler Jester Hat! (Please note, size and type of Jester Hat will vary from hats pictured due to supply concerns with our vendors)


Weather permitting; Luke also juggles FIRE TORCHES outside to the delight of everyone in attendance. Fire torches are optional, as some parents just don't want them. There is no additional charge for the torches.

They are very safe, and I have been approved by many Fire Chiefs in cities such as New Albany, Upper Arlington, Dublin, Westerville, Worthington and Columbus. Luke can explain the torches to you over the phone if you have any other questions. 

BUT WAIT! The Fun isn’t over yet!! It’s time for BALLOON SCULPTURES!!!
Balloon Sculptures are a GUARANTEED HIT at Birthday Parties!!

Luke has come up with a SPECIAL ADDITION to his Birthday Party Package.

Ever stood in a Balloon Guy Line, holding your child’s hand and waiting on a Balloon Guy, no matter how FAST the Twister goes, to slowly twist up figures for the 10, 15, 20 or MORE kids ahead of you?

Ever had a child “meltdown” in that line, tired of waiting for “so long” to get a balloon? Ever had your own internal meltdown and tried unsuccessfully to get your kid to leave now and not get a balloon?


Luke shows up at your party with a garbage bag filled with pre-made sculptures,
ONE Sculpture for EVERY kid at the party --- ALREADY ASSEMBLED!

Moms, Luke wants you to know that it’s not uncommon for Parents attending the party to spontaneously start APPLAUDING Luke for this clever idea!

These Pre-Made Balloons consist of several varieties of the most popular, kid-tested sculptures Luke makes. Plus, Luke is constantly adding sculptures in an effort to keep the selections “FRESH” for the kids.

Oh and MOM? Rest assured that Luke will make a couple of balloon sculptures in front of the kids before passing out the pre-made balloons, just so they can watch him twist up something right before their eyes.

However, very quickly, kids will be kids and won’t want to “wait” while other kids around them are getting a balloon! That’s why the Pre-Made Sculptures are so POPULAR! Every kid receives a cool sculpture within 5 minutes of every other kid at the party! No one waits forever, no one is left out!

Luke the Juggler “no pops” guarantee!

Finally, Luke will make sure to repair any broken balloons and make sure that the balloons that come out of the bag are complete and have no defects. If there are any problems with the pre-made balloons, Luke will make the necessary repairs before leaving the party.

ONE FINAL BALLOON SCULPTURE! Now Comes the Fun Part! The Final Big Surprise for the Birthday Kid!

Now that all the kids, including the Birthday Kid, have a Simple Balloon Sculpture, it’s time to present a FINAL, LARGER SCULPTURE for the Birthday Kid!

How about Brutus Buckeye or Spiderman for a boy? Or Flowers and Hearts for Girls?
The list is endless and Luke will assist you in making a fun choice for your child! Here are a few ideas for starters!

For an additional fee, Luke will build one of the giant, supersized balloon sculptures you see below. Just call for pricing! 614-764-8010.
See additional photos here >>>

Ball Spinning
Incredible Juggling
Simple Magic
Birthday Child is the Star
Balloon Animals & Hats
Birthday Kid Receives a Free Souvenir Jester Hat
Fire Torches

Mileage rates are based on MapQuest Maps Mileage and billed at a rate of 50 cents a mile, round trip. Mileage rates apply for all cities outside of the Columbus Metro 270 Loop. This includes but is not limited to New Albany, Johnstown, Delaware, Grove City, Lancaster, Reynoldsburg, and Canal Winchester. Ask Luke for clarification on this issue. Other restrictions may apply.
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