Luke can REALLY make an impression on your Birthday Kid and his friends with his collection of supersized "Big Stuff" balloon sculptures. These creations can be as large as 6 feet high or even bigger! They last a long time too!

Luke's collection of complex "Big Stuff" sculptures includes a giant hat, a huge basketball player (OSU's Greg Oden), a sizable lion, a red car big enough to climb into and "drive," Raphael, the Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle, a larger-than-life pink flamingo, an amazingly lifelike Spiderman, a 5-foot tall Sonic the Hedgehog, and a 4.5 foot wide SpongeBob! Luke can also provide you with a giant pink heart or a pretty pink princess. Please see the slideshow of selections and then call Luke to arrange to own the "Big Stuff" balloon sculpture of your choice!

Are you organizing a non-profit event for your church, a charity, a nursing home, school, or other type of charity?

Big Stuff® Balloon Sculptures are perfect for you!

For between $25.00 and $75.00 (Specialty and "Made to Order" designs are extra), you can purchase a fully inflated, detailed, "pop-culture current" Big Stuff® sculpture to raffle off as a fundraiser!

Luke can offer you the best balloon parodies available. HOT favorites like 'Spiderman', 'Spongebob', 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle', 'Dora the Explorer', & Star Wars Characters. "Wearable" 'Lightning McQueen' & NASCAR car designs, as well as pickups and Monster Trucks -- that kids can get inside from the center and "drive" them around like they're really driving the sculpture!

TRANSFORMERS, ALIENS, FLOWERS, and Corporate Logos. Religious symbols also available. Contact Luke for more info!


Luke will work with you ahead of time to create a one of a kind design that is sure to please everyone on your committee! Luke can even design a smaller scale model of the larger sculpture to let you see the final mini-original before purchasing the larger sculpture.

It's a "WIN, WIN, WIN" situation!

Luke wins! You commission a design from Luke and put down a 50% non-refundable deposit, and Luke creates it for you. Luke delivers your sculpture to your event and picks up his check! You have supported a Small Business personally; Luke makes a little money, and he wins!

You and Your Event win! You purchase the sculpture(s) and sell raffle tickets proclaiming that the Big Stuff® sculpture is the Grand Prize. You begin to realize a PROFIT on your sculpture as soon as you sell enough raffle tickets to cover the low and reasonable charge for the sculpture. Profit means that the extra money immediately goes towards the bottom line of your event. You win!

Whoever wins the raffle, well, THEY win too! They win a One of a Kind sculpture that's guaranteed to last at least TWO WEEKS* (* Two weeks without undue abuse. They are just giant BALLOONS after all!) AND the Winner takes the sculpture home right then, so you don't have to store it for them! Your GUEST wins!

Everyone wins here!

This is a fun and unique idea that is sure to be very popular and a big hit at your event.

Luke looks forward to working on YOUR Big Stuff® Sculpture soon!
Call or email Luke today! 614-764-8010

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