"Balloon Only" Birthday Packages
as Low as
Plus mileage where applicable
"Balloons Only" Birthday Packages are designed with your party theme in mind.
A "Balloons Only" package is just that, Luke the Juggler's signature PRE-MADE Balloon Sculptures, delivered to your door on the morning of your party!
You and Luke will check the bags to make sure all the sculptures are fresh and ready to be delivered to the kids. Luke will repair any and all problems with the balloons before he leaves. After everyone agrees that the balloons are good to go, you pay Luke and he leaves. Please note, at this time, we cannot accept credit card payment. Check or cash is all that is acceptable.
Luke will not have extra time to entertain the kids when he drops off the balloons. He will be there simply to deliver the pre-ordered balloons
To save $15, you can come to Luke's home (call Luke at 614-764-8010 to set up a time) and pick up your balloon sculptures yourself.
There you go! Balloons for your party at a substantial savings to your wallet!
How many Sculptures are we talking about?
18 Pre-Made, Two Balloon Sculptures for giveaways to all the kids attending the party SEE SOME EXAMPLES HERE
PLUS one LARGER, premium Sculpture for the Birthday Kid! SEE SOME EXAMPLES HERE
The balloons are bagged up in large, durable, opaque garbage bags, and delivered by Luke right to your door.
After everyone has examined the balloons to make sure none are popped or leaking and all of them look good, they are ready for Moms and Dads to hand out as a unique and fun parting gift for the kids.
The Birthday Kid Sculpture will be something they treasure for a long time. These sculptures will last AT LEAST TWO WEEKS.
18 pre-made sculptures and the Large, Premium Sculpture for the Birthday Kid are available in many different styles. Talk to Luke about your party themes and suggestions.
Mileage rates are based on MapQuest Maps Mileage and billed at a rate of 50 cents a mile, round trip. Mileage rates apply for all cities outside of the Columbus Metro 270 Loop. This includes New Albany, Johnstown, Delaware, Grove City, Lancaster, Reynoldsburg, Canal Winchester, and others not listed. Ask Luke for clarification on this issue.
Other restrictions may apply.
More than 18 kids at your party? Add extra sculptures for only $2 per kid extra.
Want all the party attendees to have a larger, more complex sculpture to take home? Design your own theme balloons for as little as $5 extra per sculpture, per kid.
Want to SUPERSIZE the BIRTHDAY KID BALLOON? Check out Luke's BIG STUFF section and add a GIANT sculpture for as little as $25 extra!
Tons of Choices, but Some Conditions Apply! Luke is willing to design something fun and unique for your Birthday Kid that fits the theme of your party.

Please understand that the more complex the sculpture, the more they are going to cost per sculpture, per kid. There is no bulk discount for purchasing a bunch of extra sculptures.

The $55 Balloons Only Package is strictly based on the details outlined above and on this website; however, any concerns or questions should be discussed with Luke before placing your order.

Your conversation with Luke is the final determination of pricing and types of sculptures. Call today: 614-764-8010

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