1. Inflate a brown 260 leaving about 3" of tail. Inflate a black scrap balloon about 3" and tie it to the nozzle of the brown 260
2. Measure and wrap the black bubble securely with the brown bubble
3. Make two more 4" bubbles and wrap them over and around the black/brown bubble. (If you'd like, simply make a brown bird body for the muzzle and tie on the black nose later!)
4. Form the head by using a 4" bubble, a 1" bubble, and another 4" bubble. Secure the neck with a small pinch twist.
5. Form a neck and then two front legs with the remainder of the balloon. I like to leave a tiny bubble on the end to allow you to connect the legs and act as support for the legs
6. Inflate a second 260 leaving an inch or so at the tail. Make two pinch twists to start things off
7. Since this is not a beginners guide, I'm leaving it up to you to figure out how I got here! Attach the second 260 using the pinch twists, then twist the rest into a bird body, making sure to give him a lumpy tummy!
8. Still using the remaining 260, finish off the legs and tuck them up a little to look good.
9. Now you need to make all the above accessories! (Hope your table hasn't had dessert yet!) The two dual loop twists will form the feet -thanks Dale! - the smaller sausage will form the ears, and the larger one the tail. Your dimensions are fine on this!
10. Here is a shot of him all put together. Note that I also added some scrap white 260 for the eyes
11. Rear view of Scooby
12. Draw in eyes, some whisker trails, and, using a blue 160 and yellow 5" round, attach the collar and nametag to the neck. Sorry, ya gotta get the collar on his neck yourself! No big deal here, just wrap it around and secure with a pinch twist!
Ta Daaa!

And here is the finished product! Hope you like this Scooby Doo. Using all blue, he can become Blues Clues, all red, Clifford, and blush makes him Pluto!! Thanks for looking!

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