1. Start with the red balloon. Follow the twisting in the picture. 1/2" bubble for the hands, a 1/2" pinch twist for the wrist, a small 3/4" bubble for the arm, a 1/2" pinch twist for the elbow, and on to the shoulder twist.
2. After the shoulder, twist two 3" bubbles for the upper torso and then a 4" fold for the head.
3. Here you see the upper torso complete. Hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder, torso, head, shoulder, elbow, forearm, wrist, hand.
4. Inflate a blue balloon, leaving about a 4" tail. Same concept with the upper torso applies here. Start with a 1 1/2" bubble for the foot, add a 1/2" bubble for the ankle, a 1" shin, and a 1/2" pinch twist for the knee. The thigh is made from about a 2" bubble. Finish this section with one final 1/2" pinch twist for the groin area.
5. Carefully roll the groin pinch twist into the upper torso body, connecting the two balloons together. You should kind of be able to see where I'm going here!
6. Form a bubble the same size as the torso bubbles and wrap it around the neck to secure, and then back down to the hips.
7. Here you see I've finished up the leg and popped any excess balloon.
8. The finished ACTION FIGURE blank.
9. 'Course you gotta add some drawing too!
10. And here he is! As the saying goes, he "does whatever a spider can!"

11. I finish him off by stringing some scrap white into his hand and then attaching it to a lon 260 with a bird body roll up front. The kid can then swing Spidey in the air and save the universe!
This generic body can give you good results in a relatively short amount of time. Use different color combinations and create your own Action Figure line up to fight the bad guys. Two same colors and you have POWER RANGERS!
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